JANUARY 29 2014

It's been almost a year.

Two new tapes. (email to order/reserve)

Operations have shifted a bit. All orders/shipping are handled by Tomentosa Records now.

There's also gonna be a bunch of stuff coming through a joint venture via Housecraft + Tomentosa in a couple weeks.

In terms of Housecraft, it's a big plus because all orders will be sent out quickly.

The tapes posted/ordered through the weekend will be sent out on Monday.

Gettin ready for the Chain Link Fest FEB 10 --- if you happen to be in Asheville, do come.

Happy to be back, thanxxx


Direct purchase links at tomentosarecords.com

HR148 Digital Natives - Heavens Lessen (c32)

If it breaks don't fix it. Just replace it with something different. Somewhere between the last Digital Natives release and the next one. Bathe after listening.

edition of 33


HR149 Bush Lights - The End (c30)

Best part about endings is you can start something new. Submersion in finale is what this chunk of meats is all about. First person anxiety via war zone. Anonymous person's life is on the line. Instruments include not much aside from mixer feedback, misdials & playstation war porno zombie stimulations. All themes considered, shit gets minimal. Lazy Violence. No survivors. Call the police. Disregard the "artists" : Josh Clark & Jeff Astin.

edition of 33


HR147 Digital Natives - Closest To The Rose Is A Thorn (c77)

Like a rose unwittingly crushed by the heels of a drunken fool dancing in flames, here lies another chapter in the war-torn testimony of a costly quest for love. The satire seems to never end. A deck of cards, all jokers --- at the hands of a tired soul reduced to its fractured skeletal frame. Records turn, still rushing for the impossible; magnetic heads abused, and for what? Sound familiar? Somehow the saga continues, even if only in the eyes of the dreamer.

edition of 50
type II cass


HR146 Bermuda Link - Passed Lives (c77)

A collection of choice, remastered excerpts from rare, limited tour tapes and cdrs circa Summer 2009. Improvisational explorations via Josh Burke (Sky Limousine, Bad Rep, etc..) and Jeffry Astin. All maps lead over and out. Whatever lurks there reports back in its native tongue which is wholly other and consistently impossible to reference. Another time, another place; lost within.

edition of 50
type II cass


HR145 Digital Natives - Blank Point (DVD)

12 videos plus bonus footage featuring the recent collaborative efforts by new, unreleased works of Jeffry Astin (Digital Natives) and Joshua Rodgers (Broken Machine Films). Both nostalgic and contextually present, each chapter challenges the senses in various ways; content varies from delightful and playful to utterly disturbing. There's a subtle theme that reflects, at times, the "uglier"  or more somber potentials of current society, especially that of the western hedonistc variety. As a general disclaimer, there's more than a bit of graphic content. Beware. Be aware. This is your world.

edition of 50


digital natives 'blank point' promo 2 from broken machine films on Vimeo.

HR144 Deep Magic - Elemental Interactions (LP)

A delicate nuance of organic phrasing; Alex Gray has been churning out a mysteriously attractive and impressive ambient catalogue for the past few years. 2012 has been relatively silent for the project, until now. Housecraft is proud to present Deep Magic's first vinyl edition. All new, all now. Full color jackets, stamped white labels. Mastered by Sean McCann.

edition of 100
black vinyl


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